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This Conference represents an International Neurovascular educational program; initially named the “International master degree course in Neurovascular diseases” from 2000 until 2009, and subsequently renamed as the “PLANET Conference” (Pierre LAsjaunias Neurovascular Education Team Conference) following the unexpected death of Prof. Pierre LASJAUNIAS in 2008.

The program has continued to run successfully every year in various countries around the world and is recognized as the premier education program of teaching fundamentals of Interventional Neuroradiology worldwide.

This program is designed for Interventional Neuroradiologists, Endovascular Neurosurgeons and Interventional Neurologists as well as allied health professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge in neurovascular anatomy and the understanding and management of vascular disorders affecting the central nervous system. Etiology, clinical presentation and treatment methods of cerebrovascular diseases in adults and children will be explained and taught. 

The program is sponsored by Mahidol University in Bangkok Thailand, Tufts University in Boston Mass and the University of Toronto, Toronto Canada.

The 2 sessions of PLANET 2022 will cover vascular anatomy of the maxillo-facial, skull base and central nervous system vasculature. Other topics will include skull base tumors, dural arteriovenous malformations and traumatic lesions of the head and neck vasculature. Further topics will be spinal cord vascular anatomy, vascular tumors and malformations as well as vascular malformations of the head and neck region. The natural history, imaging and treatment of aneurysms, cerebral arteriovenous malformations as well as arterial and venous ischemia both in adults and in children will be discussed in detail.

The goals of the program are to improve the level of knowledge of attendees in neurovascular anatomy, pathophysiology, and clinical presentation of cerebrovascular diseases in adults and children. The material will be presented in the form of didactic lectures and the format of the program is intended to provide ample time for questions and discussion following each presentation. In addition, there will be several workshops during each session allowing for interactive communication between students and teachers. Panel discussions of cases presented by the participants will facilitate further interactive participation by the students. Attendees are allowed to video or audio record all sessions.



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